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UN Women: Kathy Peach Interview

Published on, 29th June 2011

In a small room towards the back of Jesus’ second quad, Kathy Peach, Head of External Affairs at the international development charity VSO, is giving a talk on the UN’s newest agency UN Women. She pauses. She apologises. “Sorry,” she says, “I keep on saying ‘basically’, and I’m not sure why.”

Perhaps because what she is talking about is very basic. Or at least, it ought to be. Women make up 49.5% of the world’s population, and one may reasonably hope that this equality is reflected in statistics in other fields. Well, women make up 18.4% of parliamentarians globally. Women signing peace treaties stack up at a measly 2.4%. Luckily this disparity is rectified by other figures, such as women making up 70% of the world’s poor, or doing 66% of the world’s work while earning 10% of its income. Swings and roundabouts, maybe gender inequality isn’t such a problem after all…

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